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Wheel Balance & Alignment


There are several reasons for tire wear and tear. Tires should be changed when the signs of tire wear are evident. Tire wear can be dangerous because it can cause your tires to fail, blow out, or lose traction. Here are some of the causes you should know about.

Tire Inflation

Your tires should be inflated to the proper pressures. Under or over inflation can both cause tire wear. An over-inflated tire will actually wear out in the center of the tire because the sides are subject to more pressure and energy. Conversely, an under-inflated tire will do the opposite. There will be more pressure on the center of the tire, so the outsides of the tire will feel the effects.

Tire Rotation

The tire alignment should be changed about twice a year. Tires should be rotated twice a year and for good reason. Tires in the back face different things than the front tires. If you rotate your tires, you make sure that the tires are wearing evenly, which will help increase the life span of the set of tires. Your tires can get things called scallops, which feel like bumps on the tire. That is a sign that you need to rotate your tires more often.

Tire Alignment

Uneven tire wear can occur when the tires are misaligned. You will know that they are off alignment if the car is veering to either side while you are driving on flat, straight roads.

Overall, these are just three of the various causes of tire wear and tear.



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