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Whether you drive a manual or an automatic vehicle, it’s important to keep your car’s transmission running smoothly. Automatic transmissions need regular servicing to ensure maximum performance, economy and service life. Manual transmissions also need servicing although this usually includes less complicated tasks, such as replacing the fluids and/or making minor adjustments.




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The warning signs

Some of the signs that there are problems with your clutch and automatic transmission include:


• Clutch slips and does not transfer engine power to the wheels.
• Clutch won’t release properly.

It’s important to note that it’s only when the clutch disc is slipping against the flywheel that wearing occurs. So, if you are the type of driver who slips the clutch a lot, you’ll wear out your clutch a lot faster.

Automatic transmission:

  • Leaking fluid.
  • ‘Check Engine’ light comes on.
  • Jarring transition into next gear.
  • Car ‘hesitates’ or ‘refuses’ to go into gear.
  • A whining, humming or even a slight buzzing sound.


We at Canpak Auto Inc. are equipped with high-technology engine management scanning equipment to access your car’s systems and identify faults. The system generates codes for Antilock Braking Systems, Airbags, Transmission and other systems. As cars develop technically, more sophisticated equipment is now required to perform even simple tasks, like resetting service lights, performing a wheel alignment or rotating the wheels.


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